Welcome to Shenandoah Wildlife & Fisheries

Hi and Welcome to Shenandoah Wildlife & Fisheries.  I am pleased to finally get my site up and running.  After several trials and many many errors I think I may have it this time.  There is so much to show you and so much to do–I am constantly tweaking away at the look of my sim so look for it to change yet again. I was actually very happy with my previous Everglades look so I am thinking of taking my sim at Carie Shoals Inworldz back to that orighinal state. If you have thoughts or ideas, let me know.

That’s me in the picture and the little black dude with the extraordinarily large tongue is my dog, Jet.  He likes to hang about at my build platform.  Its also the only way I can keep him from getting at my birds but I am glad that he is here, he’s great company.

All of the animals that I create are Mod/Copy so that when you get a Shenandoah animal you may animate him the way that you would like him to be animated so that he is different from another sim that would have the same bird.  That’s our difference. If you need a great animation package look up a goblin by the name of Alaster Dionysus.  He is one of the best scripters in inworldz and he has a great package for animating. I think you can pay in rat meat but don’t quote me.

Some of my animals, of course, are already animated but if you want that special touch to make that animal your own.  Alaster is the way to go.

I want all my animals to integrate easily into the Virtual lifestyle so I co-founded (along with a little white bunny) The Muybridge School of Animal Etiquette.  That is me lecturing to a class of horses on the finer points of animal movement and proper behavior toward future owners. All of these horses dream of the day when they will be ridable and I hope that day will be soon since they are some of the most attractive horses in Inworldz.  Call me paranoid but I really think my horses attend these classes in hopes of meeting breedables. I just don’t have the heart to tell them that I don’t make that kind of horse.

Now, we have some newcomers to Shenandoah and I would like to introduce you to my newest birds and if you want a great way to decorate your sim, you can never go wrong with a well placed bird. Remember ALL my animals come COPY/MOD so you can have the freedom to be creative and animate them or add sound or make them as big or as small as you want.  With that kind of ability, you don’t have to settle for an animal that is exactly like everyone else’s.  You can customize the animal to integrate into YOUR world, YOUR way.  Well, then; let’s get on with the introductions:

Our first bird is the Azure Winged Mockingbird. This bird is primarily and eastern bird and so if you have a sim, let’s say, for Japan or Korea or the like, then this is definitely the  bird for you. think of this little fellow or fellows nesting in the cherry trees. I personally think this is a very lovely bird and would make an excellent addition to just about any sim.

I would like to introduce you to the zebra finch.  This is an odd little bird residing usually in Australia but the bird has recently been integrated into the populations of Puerto Rico, Brazil and the United States.  He’s a happy looking fellow. He looks like a finch who ate a parrot but couldn’t quite swallow the beak. This is one of my must haves. I love this bird.

The bowerbird, also of Australia, is a very cool bird.  It has the body of a naked peacock and the violet eyes of Elizabeth Taylor. Green is also my favorite color so I was very please to find this little fellow. Again, something different for those who want to be different.

I honestly did not know a lot about the Purple Martin except that he used to dive bomb a box turtle in my back yard in the Carolinas.  I think they tend to be very territorial. They are sparrow too. They are the only sparrow of their type found in the United States and parts of British Columbia and Mexico and like elderly New Yorkers flocking every winter to Florida, well these guys migrate all the way down to the Amazon Basin and spend their winters bungling in the jungle.  The Purple Martin is beautifully layered and is great for any sim. I hate to admit this, being a Vegan, but they also look delicious.

The last bird I will be introducing will be the Brazilian Cardinal. This bird is a Tanager and is primarily located in South America. Its a beautiful bird full of color and life. I always thought this bird should be hanging out at clubs and bars.  Its a very flamboyant looking creature. I like it as much as I like my North American Cardinals.

These animals and more can be found at my Main Store on Animal Island, Inworldz or at Seda’s Victorian Marketplace Inworldz.

For now, I am going to cross my fingers and press the publish button. If all goes will I will be back every few days for an update.  Come see me and my little friends anytime. My bears would love to have you–for dinner.  Best wishes to all!



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5 Responses to Welcome to Shenandoah Wildlife & Fisheries

  1. You did yourself proud with this blog, and I loved the photo of you lecturing the horses. LOL! The birds are amazing…truly, and there are a few must-haves for my little place on ElvenMyst I call Ithildor. I live in a bed (no pity please…it’s the universe’s way of telling me to slow down)…anyway, I love birds and have a bird-feeder outside the closest window. I delight in my tiny visitors. So does Neferkiti, the harlequin Siamese who watches with me but never goes outdoors. 😉 I’m in NW Florida and we get Carolina chickadees (who are not scared by Nefer), many cardinals, house finches (so pretty with their pink tops and rosy breasts), titmouses, and a yellowish finch I’ve yet to identify. Anyway, I’ll be stopping by Shenandoah soon. Thanks for sharing!! -Echuir Moondancer

    • Oh you just made my day. I am actually mutilating a watercolor of a Carolina Chickadee in my studio as we speak. I’m generally a colored pencil guy but I like the translucence of watercolor BUT I have gotten seriously rusty. Anyway, I look forward to your visit–I am going to be rearranging the sim as I noted in the blog–I had a really great look at Tikaboo Mesa but when i moved to Carie shoals I went all Newport Jazz Festival. Time to bring the decadence of decaying grunge back home where it belongs. Again, thank you SO much!

  2. Mera says:

    The blog is awesome as you animals ❤

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