As many of you know, I am out of the virtual worlds on medical leave but I hope to return soon.  Age is a pain in the neck and I will tell you that I have decided that I will not age anymore.   It’s just too much work.

Now, Let’s talk about Lackadaisy–if you have not been to this site–GO NOW—you won’t collect two hundred dollars or be able to afford Boardwalk but you will have the best time that you could possbily have on any site anywhere.

Lackadaisy is the Boardwalk Empire of cats–it’s set in the 20’s in a speakeasy called Lackadaisy and is about the adventures of the characters who frequent this establishment.   The best part of the site is not only the incredible art of Ms Tracy J Butler but she is also a wordsmith–her words fit the characters like her drawings fit the era and she is a master at the pen and ink when it comes to illustrating. 

My favorite characters are Mordecai, Mitzi, and Freckle but there are many, many more!

Here is the site:

It’s my kind of site.  It has beautiful women (ok, they are cats), handsome men (still cats), ambience and I suspect there is a bathtub full of gin.  This site is a must not miss.  I’m going to give it five out of five horseshoes.

If you go to Lackadaisy, post a comment here and let me know what you think!


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